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HiFly Parade – Singapore
May 8th, 2004

We wanted to revisit one of the most unusual and ambitious parades ever presented. The incredible Singapore HiFly Parade from 2004.

What made this parade unusual and a “first of its kind” was the use of the land, sea and air, simultaneously for the parade. Partnering with a popular balloon company in Singapore, Big Events balloons donned Junk Boats and floated their way down the Singapore River to the heart of Singapore, home to the Merlion; with additional balloons concurrently flying down a traditional parade route on the Esplanade.

The parade/carnival lasted over a week and Big Events had its balloons flying all over the island. From the Singapore Race Track to the bridges spanning the Singapore River; Big Events pushed the envelope with some its balloons tying them off to high traffic bridges across the famous Singapore River flying for a whole week.

This whole event was a testament to the ability of the highly trained and experience staff at Big Events. In addition, we accomplished this feat in 100% humidity and 95 degree heat in a place that is only about 1 degree north of the equator. It was HOT and HUMID every hour of the day and night.


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