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Helium Parade Balloons

Rent or have your Helium Parade Inflatable made to order. Whether it is a licensed character or a generic parade balloon, you can be sure of the extraordinary quality of a Big Events
parade inflatable. We make them ourselves: expect high quality fabric, the very best colors, truly impressive sculptured shapes. The following Helium Parade Balloons are available:

  Helium Parade Balloons
Andy the Panda Chilly Willy 25' Cat in the Hat
  Andy the PandaTM
25' Helium Parade Balloons
Chilly WillyTM 25' Helium Parade Balloons Betty BoopTM
35' Helium Parade Balloons
Cat in the HatTM
60' Helium Parade Balloons
Apollo Spaceship Helium Parade Ballloon Helium Parade Ballloon Apollo Astronaut 40'
45' Uncle Sam Helium Parade Ballloons
50' Candy
Helium Parade Ballloons
45' Dinosaur
Helium Parade Ballloons
Apollo Astronaut 40' Helium Parade Ballloons
14' Christmas Ornaments
Basketball 15 '
Helium Parade Ballloon

There are many more giant balloons available in each category than we have been able to show. When you call to discuss your event plans, we'll be happy to help out with ideas.

Call Big Events at 760-761-0909

Featured Helium Parade Balloon
Cat in the Hat 50' Helium Parade Balloon

Our helium parade balloons range in size from as small as 8’ all the way up to 60’ tall, so we have all kinds of balloons for any size of parade route and budget.  We have Inflatables perfect for your parade.

Call Big Events at 760-761-0909

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